The Network

for LGBT Tobacco Control

Creating Change 2010 Launches!

Airplanes, buses, and supershuttles are now filling with masses of the most amazing LGBT activists as they all descend on Dallas for NGLTF’s Creating Change 2010 conference. This conference has long been the premier gathering of LGBT local, state and national leaders, and from my perspective, the one place where the person standing next to you is most likely to have an awe inspiring story of how they changed the world for LGBTs in their town or state.

As the Network for LGBT Tobacco Control pushes to bring the trainings to the people who can’t always fly around the country, we wanted to really try to step up the game in making the information from Creating Change accessible to folks not here in Dallas. So, we’ve got 9 people here on scholarships whose goal is to get the information out to you! Bear with us as we get this tech up and running, but we hope this blog page will be our central portal for the blogs, tweets, and videos all these scholarshipians will be creating. So…. watch here for the ground level perspective of whassup at Creating Change! Tonight the folk arrive, tomorrow morning we meet them all to set up their tweet, blog, and youtube accounts. We’ll all be hashtagging with #QNET. But mostly, we wanna blast open the doors of Creating Change and give you a birds eye view of the excitement, wisdom and amazing skills that are being laid out from now through Sunday. So stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy the view.


Scout, Network Director
The Network for LGBT Tobacco Control
A proud Project of The Fenway Institute
Boston, MA

February 4, 2010 - Posted by | Creating Change 2010

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