The Network

for LGBT Tobacco Control

after lunch plenary session

Enjoyed a great lunch with Toni (from PHX) and her colleagues.  It was interesting to sit in on their meeting as they discussed ideas and  suggestions for their blog.  I mentioned I was doing some blogging for the National LGBT Tobacco Control Network.  It was great to get some great suggestions about blogging.  As I finished my lunch, I hurried off to attend the Plenary Session, which featured the Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Rea Carey.  As I entered the packed room, I noticed Kate Clinton was on stage, as the MC.  She is totally awesome.  She sure knows how to get a room going.

I finally had the opportunity to hear the Executive Director of National Gay and Lesbian Task Force – Rea Carey give a powerful speech.   Her speech gave an overview of some of the progress that has been taking place through out the US.  She also talked about Immigration, which includes the GLBT community members that are undocumented citizens.  She also mentioned about the five States that acknowledge marriage between same sex couples.  I have heard a lot about the events taking place in Uganda and did not really know much about it, but after hearing her speech, I have an idea of what is taking place.  One message that I got out of her speech is:  FREEDOM + JUSTICE=EQUALITY.

A transgender women, Joyce received an award for her leadership in working with LGBTQ Youth in the Boston area.  She gave an amazing speech.  She has been involved in the movement since 1970.  A very amazing lady and I hope to make her acquaintance before the end of the conference.  Her speech almost brought tears to my eyes, since she was speaking from her heart.  It is wonderful to see transgender people get recognized for their hard work.

I am currently manning the booth @ National LGBT Tobacco Control Network.  Meeting some intersting people and sharing some good info with them about smoking.  We have some great FREEBIES to give away to the conference attendees such as luggage tags, chap sticks, sharpies (black and red) and some great information.


February 5, 2010 - Posted by | Creating Change 2010

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