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My 1st impression of Creating Change

I arrived safely in Dallas with much excitement about attending the Creating Change. I received a scholarship from the National LGBT Tobacco Network. As a Native American attending the Conference, I am very pleased to represent the Network and the Native American GLBT community. I attended the plenary opening session and found it fascinating because a Native American Group – First Nations Group opened the conference with a Native American Prayer, which was an Ojibwie song. I was very touched by some of the speakers during the opening plenary. I had the honor of meeting Kate Clinton, who is very funny. I have heard of her in Phoenix, but have never attended any events that she hosted. Sharon Day of the Indigenous Task Force received any honor for her work in HIV/AIDS in the Native American Communities in Minnesota. She gave a powerful speech. Another lady got honored for her work with LGBT Elders. I was fascinated by her speech, as well. The main speaker was a gentlemen from the Mexican Legal and Education Fund. He was very good and gave me things to think about such as Immigration Reform and LGBT individuals. Some powerful speakers. It felt good to see some Native representation at the conference. At first, I thought I was the only Native, but felt relieved after seeing the opening plenary session with some Native representation. Kate mentioned, “There are over 40+ representation from the State of Arkansas. ” Very thankful to the Host Committee for the great information about the State of Texas. I was not aware there was an openly gay mayor, a sheriff and politicians in the State of Texas. This State has made some tremendous progress with LGBT representation. I actaully approached Kate Clinton, on my way back to the hotel, and introduced myself. She was very warm welcoming and funny. I can actually say I met Kate (in person). My 1st evening at Creating Change was awesome. A lot of great people and friendly individuals. I am thrilled there are a lot of Youth representation = our future leaders educating their mind.


February 5, 2010 - Posted by | Creating Change 2010

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