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wow, I am speechless that the 1st Nations Collective organized a Native Talking Circle.  It was great to met some of the important players representing at the table for the conference.  The same group that was on stage during the Opening Plenary were at the gathering.  It felt great to personally met all of them in person.  They expressed some of the work that they do during the conference and also with the planning process.  They make sure there is Native representation at the Creating Change Conference.

I expressed some of my concerns with the group such as stats not reflecting Native American populations, not enough Native sessions and having a Native representation at the higher level of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.  I also asked the group, “Why they chose to be called First Nations?”  They had a great response for my question, which was good.

It felt good to actually speak my Native tongue as I introduced myself to the group.  It really felt good to identify as a Native American Transgender among my Native brothers and sisters.  I wish I could be able to do that introduction at Chapter Meetings back on the reservation or stand up in front of the Navajo Nation Council as a PROUD Native American Transgender.

Some of the discussion we had was around the term, “Two Spirit.”  It was great to get feedback from the group.  I shared, as a Navajo, it is hard to comes to grip that that term.  As a Navajo raised on the reservation, I was not aware of the term, until I moved to the city.  I mentioned to the group, identify as a naa’dlah’.

Tonight is the dance for the evening event.  I am looking forward to shaking a leg.  #cc2010 #qnet


February 6, 2010 - Posted by | Creating Change 2010

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