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Succesful Latino LGBT Tobacco Presentation in Puerto Rico

Hello again!

What a day! our Latino LGBTT Tobacco presentation gather close to 60 people and a success story is being developed to talk about translation efforts and adaptation of RHI survey to Puerto Rico, with support of THE NETWORK and NLTCN. We are going to work  in this together to make it happen!

But who presented? Juan Carlos Velazquez, MA from HMA Associates, Inc talked about how the tobacco companies are targeting the LGBTT through marketing campaigns and the media, Elba Diaz Toro, MD presented the RHI survey an important sample showing dramatic trends on depression and other mental health issues on the LGBTT and how this influence the use and abuse of tobacco among the LGBTT in Puerto Rico; and Yanira Arias presented THE NETWORK work, why health care providers need assistance developing culturally competent programs for the LGBTT in Puerto Rico, especially for tobacco user, also she presented on Mi Casa Sana/My Healthy Home a smoking cessation intervention for Latinas in NYC of the Latino Commission on AIDS and how the curricula can be adapted for the Latino LGBTT and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Another important outcome was the interest of including two questions at the Behavior Risk Factor Survey: Gender and Sexual orientation in Puerto Rico. Also that we need to do cognitive testing of those 2 questions in spanish as people was confused on the sexual orientation elements in Puerto Rico, this should be done before is incorporated at the BRFSS. This effort requires at least six thousands dollars from the CDC in order to implement the questions at the BRFSS, The NLTCN and THE NETWORK will work together to find ways of funding.

Another important outcome was the interest of working with the The Puerto Rico Quitline, as they want to incorporate the same 2 questions during the next contract implementation (this coming year). This will be the second effort in the US incorporating gender and sexual orientation questions for the LGBT in a Quitline data base.  This interest is thanks to the NLTCN and THE NETWORK work  in Puerto Rico.

The presentation evaluation of our session at Puerto Rico Summit it’s being tabulated but so far we heard that mostly there are excellent comments. This was the first time that people openly disclosed their sexual orientation on a public health venue in Puerto Rico; very important and influential people from Puerto Rico were present, as well students and LGBTT members.

The venue was first time that a LGBT National Network was co-sponsoring a tobacco control event along with the local Department of Health in Puerto Rico.

Hey Scout, the NLTCN is interested in adapting THE NETWORK  materials, translate into spanish and make them available in Puerto Rico, Jeannette will be touching base with you soon!

It was an amazing experience. I thank THE NETWORK for the trust and the opportunity of presenting on behalf of them, also many, many, many thanks to Luis Estremera of the University of Puerto Rico for all your assistance and support, NLTCN National Director Jeannette Noltenius for your guidance, Juan Carlos Vega NLTCN Steering committee Member and Lissette Rodriguez NLTCN member for the heart and soul that you both put to make this happen.

It was a historic Latino LGBTT and Tobacco presentation at the Tobacco and Obesity Prevention Summit.



PS: I tried to post some images, but I don’t know where did they go… anyhow I will ask my blog guru (Gustavo) for some guidance:)

Beautiful people and good memories! From left to right Lissette, Carlos, JC and Jeannette

The Director of NLTCN, Jeannette Noltenius and Lissette Rodriguez, NLTCN member attended and supported the Latino LGBT Tobacco Presentation

From left to right Carlos Velazquez, Jeannette Noltenius, Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati and Elba Diaz Toro. On a preparation meeting on thursday March 11 in Puerto Rico

Presentation atendees taking THE NETWORK materials!

Yanira Arias from the Latino Commission on AIDS presents on THE NETWORK and the Mi Casa Sana at Puerto Rico Summit

NLTCN< Legacy and THE NETWORK logos at the Tobacco and Obesity Summit banner, all were key sponsors of this historic event!


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