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Hello From Atlanta….

As you may know Scout and I are currently at the CDC’s communities putting prevention to work: state and territory initiative conference.

Dr. Ursula Bauer’s opening remarks yesterday noted the importance of state and territories in chronic disease preventions has a valuable role to the communities they serve more than ever. Dr Bauer is the Director if the CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. She is charged with setting the direction for the Center’s “Winnable Battles” of tobacco use prevention, improved nutrition and physical activity, and prevention of teen and unintended pregnancy, as well as key priorities related to the leading causes of death.

Dr. Bauer talked about MAPPS strategies, this is the hot new buzz word that you might have heard on the streets and many of you “including myself” still do not fully understand all of the functions of the MAPPS strategies…

SO…. I have included some information for you all so we can continue to take some lessons on MAAPS and hopefully understand the breath and depth of MAPPS Strategies!

The following information is strait from CDC’s site on MAPPS Interventions…  I have also included a link to the site to see the entire MAAPS Interventions for Communities Putting Prevention to work. This great guide shows MAPPS Interventions for Tobacco, Nutrition, and Physical Activity!

MAPPS Interventions for Communities Putting Prevention to Work

Five evidence-based MAPPS strategies, when combined, can have a profound influence on improving health behaviors by changing community environments: Media, Access, Point of decision information, Price, and Social support/services. The evidence-based interventions below are drawn from the peer- reviewed literature as well as expert syntheses from the community guide and other peer-reviewed sources, cited below. Communities and states have found these interventions to be successful in practice. Awardees are expected to use this list of evidence-based strategies to design a comprehensive and robust set of strategies to produce the desired outcomes for the initiative.

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Nutrition, physical activity & tobacco? Bring it on!


Using the bike to draw the interest of the diet and nutrition folk!

by Scout

Network Director

Doctuh Scout looking ever so "cool" at the CDC conference.

CDC’s Wellness Conference + hotmath

This is it folk, the first time ever CDC has convened not just the state tobacco control staff from around the country, but our new partners in the latest greatest health mashup, the nutrition and exercise folk too! So it seems like hot new math for health folk is the following.

Tobacco + Exercise + Nutrition = Wellness!!!

And of course ya really wanna understand the new math for health folk at a national and local level, it seems like maybe I should correct it to be the following.

(Tobacco + Exercise + Nutrition)policy = Wellness policy

Yup, it’s all about policy these days. Why? Well, after some great charts this morning (which I should write more about later) it seems to boil down like this… policy changes health behaviors in a way that all the good information in the world can’t seem to affect. Ok, take it even further, money appears to change health behavior in a way good information and intentions can’t. How? Well, for example we see that smoking rates are incredibly affected by taxes on cigarettes. One of the new things you might see coming to you soon are policy campaigns to add similar taxes to SSBs. Uh… what are they? Sugar Sweetened Beverages. Seems like folk are getting a crazy amount of their calories from SSBs, and so taking lessons from the tobacco arena, public health folk are starting to push excise taxes for SSBs. While it seems like a small bit of the overall obesity epidemic, apparently SSBs are a pretty large lever to create some change.

DNPAO? Worst acronym ever!

But I gotta say one thing, the nutrition and exercise folks need some acronym help! DNPAO <- what in the world does that mean? Wait wait… people tell me it’s Diet Nutrition Physical Activity Obesity. Oh yah that rolls off the tongue. But then, being part of the LGBTQQIA block, um, I guess I can’t really be the one to register the complaint.

Working on Wellness? We want you too!

With Healthcare Reform and this recent $650M of state stimulus money on Wellness the feds put out, the emphasis on Wellness is only going to increase in the coming years. Which as public health folk, I’m sure we all will love. Face it, there’s something comforting about working on a prevention-based model, instead of our usual uh-oh-look-what-kinda-disasterous-effects-years-of bad-health-creates model. (<- I believe that’s its formal name) But – there’s no LGBT network for wellness (yet!). So… we really wanna link up these wellness folk too and help connect them with the LGBT experts like we do for tobacco. You can see the picture up there of the sign I just tacked on my bike that this conference, me shamelessly using the bike to try to get the attention of the state Wellness policymakers here. Cause come on everyone, this $650M of Wellness money alone means there’s big new projects in every single state, and we definitely want these folk to be including LGBT outreach and programs in those projects. I mean, especially if it’s all about policy these days, don’t tell me LGBTs don’t have deep policy inroads in every single state. (can you say civil rights battles?)

And hurry up already!

Ya know. I’m thinking about this new nutrition, exercise, and tobacco mix, and I’m thinking hmmmm… I’m the Director of the Network for LGBT Tobacco Control, and I’ve worked hard to get myself a kit where I can take my folding bike everywhere I go. Take it off the luggage carousel, take it outta the bag, put the bag on back and roll right away from the airport. Why? Well, main reason I usually give is that it’s near impossible to eat in hotels. As a vegetarian, you put me in a hotel and I’m stuck with white pasta and salads until I can get free and go get my own food. Of course, I also love my biking, it makes me happy. (don’t even ask me how many bikes I have). But so… let’s see, healthy eating, exercise and tobacco all rolled into one ball? Like maybe I could go to a meeting, get some vegetarian food at the hotel, find a bike lane on the street, and have it be in a tobacco-free city? Yes siree, let’s hurry up and get this work integrated everywhere! It’s a natural fit, and I’ve been waiting a long time for it.

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