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Groundbreaking Federal Regulations on Tobacco Taking Effect Today!

As you may know, the LGBT Tobacco Control Network and other public health advocates have anticipated these new federal regulations on tobacco control!

A message from the CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are working together to educate consumers, public health partners, and the general public about new tobacco regulations that take effect today, June 22, 2010. These regulations limit the sale, distribution, and marketing of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to individuals younger than 18 years of age; require larger and stronger health warning labels to appear on smokeless tobacco advertisements and on smokeless tobacco products manufactured on or after June 22, 2010; and prohibit the tobacco industry from manufacturing for sale or distribution any tobacco products for which the label, labeling, or advertising contains the descriptors “light,” “low,” or “mild” (or any similar descriptor).

CDC and FDA are seeking your support to help get the word out about these new, historic FDA tobacco regulations. You can support this effort by

·       Posting a “PuLight… Low… Mild… Put Out the Myth. Learn more…t Out the Myth” graphical button on your Web site. When clicked, this button will take visitors to a consumer-focused feature article on CDC’s Web site ( entitled “New Tobacco Controls Have Public Health Impact.” This article provides information on the regulations and their public health impact. The article also contains helpful links to resources—such as FDA guidance documents—that provide detailed information on the new regulations. Visit the “Put Out the Myth” download page at to obtain html code for a variety of button sizes.

·       Following CDCTobaccoFree on Twitter and retweeting key messages related to the new FDA tobacco regulations.

·       Becoming a fan of CDC’s Facebook page at and posting “Put Out the Myth” status updates on your Facebook profiles.

·       Telling others about our posting on CDC’s Everyday Health Widget at

·       Viewing OSH’s latest entry on CDC’s MySpace page at

·       Following OSH on GovLoop at A post on GovLoop announces the significance of June 22 and encourages readers to visit the online feature article. GovLoop is a social networking site for the government community. It currently serves about 30,000 members, including local, state, and federal government employees and contractors. Academics and students interested in government are also welcome to join.

·       Subscribing to CDC’s Smoking and Tobacco Use Main Feed at to receive updates of new and recently changed content from CDC’s Smoking & Tobacco Use Web site on your browser or desktop.

·       Encouraging readers to send Health-e-Cards emphasizing the value of being tobacco free

Please also continue to access CDC’s Smoking & Tobacco Use Web site for helpful resources and the latest information.

Thank you,

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health


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Two Spirit Wellness Conference in San Fran.

Trudie Jackson

Looking forward to traveling to San Francisco on 06/24/10 for the Two Spirit Wellness Conference to speak on LGBT and Tobacco, and HIV/AIDS.  I was invited by Randy Burns and the Conference Committee to speak.   I received a call the other morning from Randy to give me an overview of the lineup that is in store for me such as:  Two Spirit Wellness Conference, Trans March, BBQ, and attend the San Francisco Pride.  This will be my 1st time attending Pride, in the national GLBT capital.   I never thought I would actually witness the San Fran Pride Parade with my own eyes.  As a Native American Transgender person wonderful things happening in my life = a young Native GLBT individual residing on the reservation would die to participate in.  This trip is for ALL the young Native GLBT individuals living on the reservation = sharing my experience and posting on my blog.  Please stay tuned to some exciting things in store from San Francisco.

Click here for more info:

In spirit,


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