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San Fran Pride Parade

After recovering from a weeklong of activites such as the Trans March, Native GLBT – Landa Lakes Show  and the SF Pride Parade.  I had the opportunity to march in the Pride Parade along with other Native Trans girls from California and New Mexico.  It was a wonderful experience, since we were one of two Native American walking groups.  As I walked down Market street with my beaded earrings, I thought about all the Native Trans girls throughout the country and reservations.  I walked with Pride, as a Native American Trans women.  At times along the route, I got emotional as I was representing my community.  We got numerous applauds along the way and tons of pictures, too.  The Native American GLBT Group had the honor of doing the Opening Blessing at the Main Stage of the Pride festivities.  It was a great honor to open an event and see all the smiling faces.  The event was lovely, since it was a free event with no cover charge to enter the event.  I mingled for awhile, since I was invited to the VIP Pride Party in the City Hall.  It was a cool feeling to be among the VIP’s with great food, free picture taking, free booze, great dancing and networking among the crowd.  Once the event ended at 5pm, I went back to the Pride festivities.  I actully got a hold of a CD, while I was passing the Latin Stage, by a go go dancer.  The crowd was going crazy, since CD’s were flying into the crowd.  I was one of the lucky ones to get one handed to.  As the evening got closer, I could feel the ache in my feet from all the walking that I have been doing the entire day.  I ended up staying with a couple of friends on my last night, then headed back to PHX. 

This was a wonderful learning experience to be among great people, food and atmosphere.  I hope to return, again for the SF Pride.  This is one memorable experience that I will never forget.  On behalf of the Network, thanks for following my blogs.

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Brush Arbor Gurls

The Brush Arbor Gurls are an all Native American Female Impersonators from the Bay Area.  After the Trans March, I along with other Native American transgender were invited to an evening reception at the GLBT Community Center.  It was great to be among other Native American GLBT individauls from the  Bay Area and other parts of the country.  These performers are definately a show to see.  I made new friends and rekindled old friendships. I was happy to see my co presentor from the National Tobacco Conference in PHX at the event.  What a small world.  I was also happy to see another Native American that I met at the Creating Change Conference in Dallas.  The event was great, but I was just too tired to continue on, so I retired for the evening.

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Trans March in San Fran

I along with other Native American Transgender pariticpated in the Opening Ceremonies of the Trans March.  We were invited to conduct the Opening Blessing.  It was definately an honor to assist the American Indian Bay Area Two Spirit Society to be on stage.  Once the Opening Blessing was done, the show began with various  speakers, groups, performers and an invited politician.  The overcast skies helped me forget about the triple digits in Arizona.  It was a great feeling to be among the Transgender Community, friends, family and allies in the event.  I was very impressed with the organizers of the event and how the Police Dept. assisted with the event.  While I was sitting on the grass enjoying the show, several thoughts came across my mind such as:  is this possible on any Indian Reservation where the Native American Transgender community come together to organize an event such as the San Francisco Trans March and Festivities.  I hope someday, something like this would be possible to live open freely as a Native American Trans person on the reservation.  I met some key players in the Transgender community that are from the Bay Area.  One of the individuals was Joanna Keaton from UCSF – Trangender Center of Excellence.  I attended a training that was offered by their organization, when I worked under the MPowerment Program.  Another individaul was Amber Gray – a well known Trans women that work in the Bay Area.  It is great to see and hear names that I had the opportunity to work with.  I had the honor to march with the Native American Tran Talking Circle Group with a shawl, as I walked proudly to be a Native American Transgender person representing my community.  While I was walking, I almost came to tears knowing that I was actually participating in the San Francisco Tran March – walking for my Native American Trangender folks that reside on the reservation or in the city.  It was a great two  mile walk, but it was worth it – every step of the way.  There were many cameras flashing along the way, people cheering us on, cars drving by and honking.  Maybe my participating will show up in the Navajo Times – Navajo Transgender Women walking in the San Francisco Trans March for Equality!!  My feet will feel the pain, but every step I took – it was for better treatment of ALL Transgender people,

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The Two Spirit Wellness Gathering was very empowering.  I had the opportunity to be on the Health Disparities Panel and addressed Tobacco in the Native GLBT Community.  I share some of the new FDA rules that went into effect this past week = I am shared with the group about the elimination of Sponsorships for events that include Tribal Fairs.  I also shared the difference between Commerical and Traditional Tobacco.    I was asked a question by one of the audience members about more in depth clarification about Traditional Tobacco.  There were other panels about Identity and included various speakers.  The Gathering included Native Hawaiians, Alaska Native and Native Americansd.  It was great to see different Tribal representation and which included Canadian Tribes.  This was a great opportunity to network and make new connections.  The organizers made this event very successful by bringing a variety of speakers.  There were Transgender representation, as well as speakers.  I had the opportunity to hear a story from a Native American Transman and found it enlighting.  It is very rare that I come across a Native American Transman.  To top my day, I won a pair of long beaded red earrings, which I plan to wear at the Pride Parade on Sunday.  This was the 3rd Annual Two Spirit Wellness Gathering – Four Decades of Living Red and Resilient.  I was honored to be among great Native American GLBT Two Spirit people from the Bay Area.

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Gay American Indians Welcome Reception

The GAI organized a Welcome Reception for the Two Spirit Wellness Gathering and San Fran Pride.  It was great to be among other Native Americans that reside in the Bay Area.  The Host Committee offered a dinner, with the famous Commodity Cheese (common among Native Americans that reside on the reservation).  Randy Burns helped organized the event and the theme was 35th Anniversary 1975-2010 “Living Legacy.”  The GAI is one of the oldest Native GLBT Two Spirit  organizations.  The agenda included advocates from the Bay Area that work in the HIV field.  Another interesting speakers were:  a judge, a poet and some fun filled entertainment such as belly dancers and a Native American Drag Show.  It was good to mingle with attendees and make new friends, plus rekindle old friendships.  I was very impressed with the program, since some of the photos were taken from the 1070’s to current.  It is great to see how the Native American GLBT community has come, since the 1070’s.  There were some great Native American singing and dancing.  Everyone was geared up for the Two Spirit Wellness Gathering and individuals traveling for San Fran Pride were also happy to represent the Native American GLBT Community.  I was very impressed with how my experience was going so far.  I stepped out with colleagues from New Mexico and Los Angeles to walk the Castro District.  I was glad I brought my walking shoes, since it will put on some major miles.  Lovely weather compared to 109 degree heat.  Excited to share about Tobacco and some of the new laws that went into effect.  Stay tuned….

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Two Spirit Wellness Conference in San Fran.

Trudie Jackson

Looking forward to traveling to San Francisco on 06/24/10 for the Two Spirit Wellness Conference to speak on LGBT and Tobacco, and HIV/AIDS.  I was invited by Randy Burns and the Conference Committee to speak.   I received a call the other morning from Randy to give me an overview of the lineup that is in store for me such as:  Two Spirit Wellness Conference, Trans March, BBQ, and attend the San Francisco Pride.  This will be my 1st time attending Pride, in the national GLBT capital.   I never thought I would actually witness the San Fran Pride Parade with my own eyes.  As a Native American Transgender person wonderful things happening in my life = a young Native GLBT individual residing on the reservation would die to participate in.  This trip is for ALL the young Native GLBT individuals living on the reservation = sharing my experience and posting on my blog.  Please stay tuned to some exciting things in store from San Francisco.

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In spirit,


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wrap up about CC10

My last day at CC10 was wonderful, but sad.  I made some new contacts and was sad to say “good bye” so soon.

The Closing Plenary Session was great, especially with Vogue Evolution.  They tore up the stage with great energy.  I like the Q&A with the group.  I was ready to start making some moves, myself.  The beat of the music had me going.

Once again, give it up for the 1st Nations Collective as they gave the Closing Prayer.  I always like attending an event that acknowledges an Opening and Closing Prayers, at the the beginning and ending of the event.

I attended the Conference Feedback session, to provide my personal feedback on the overall conference.  I addressed several issues such as:  presenters should address ALL populations when they use graphs and charts, there should have been some type of Reception for Native Americans and the presenters for the film “Two Spirits” should have allowed attendees to provide comments and feedback about the film.

I shared with my face book friends to consider attending Creating Change 2011 in Minneapolis.  I am looking forward to attending another Creating Change, in the near future.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the National LGBT Tobacco Control Network for allowing me the opportunity to attend the conference.  I had a wonderful experience and will always cherish every moment at Creating Change 2010.  It was a blessing to personally meet Gustavo and Scout.  I had a fun time assisting with manning the table during the conference.

I plan to use the knowledge that I gained to help raise more awareness and advocate for the Native American Transgender communities in the Southwest Region.  #cc10 #qnet

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First Nations Collective Caucaus

wow, I am speechless that the 1st Nations Collective organized a Native Talking Circle.  It was great to met some of the important players representing at the table for the conference.  The same group that was on stage during the Opening Plenary were at the gathering.  It felt great to personally met all of them in person.  They expressed some of the work that they do during the conference and also with the planning process.  They make sure there is Native representation at the Creating Change Conference.

I expressed some of my concerns with the group such as stats not reflecting Native American populations, not enough Native sessions and having a Native representation at the higher level of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.  I also asked the group, “Why they chose to be called First Nations?”  They had a great response for my question, which was good.

It felt good to actually speak my Native tongue as I introduced myself to the group.  It really felt good to identify as a Native American Transgender among my Native brothers and sisters.  I wish I could be able to do that introduction at Chapter Meetings back on the reservation or stand up in front of the Navajo Nation Council as a PROUD Native American Transgender.

Some of the discussion we had was around the term, “Two Spirit.”  It was great to get feedback from the group.  I shared, as a Navajo, it is hard to comes to grip that that term.  As a Navajo raised on the reservation, I was not aware of the term, until I moved to the city.  I mentioned to the group, identify as a naa’dlah’.

Tonight is the dance for the evening event.  I am looking forward to shaking a leg.  #cc2010 #qnet

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Trans Hospitality Room

I met some wonderful Trans people at the Trans Hospitality Room.  They are all very friendly and welcoming.  I was invited to a Drag Show last night at one of the local clubs, but did not end up going, since I did not want to travel alone.  The Host Gurlz are planning to take some gurlz out tonight and show them around.  I mentioned, I would return and possibly tag along.  These Dallas gurlz sure know how to treat outsiders.

I had a very interesting conversation with one of the gals.  She talked about, doing fundraisng shows for HIV/AIDS organizations within the Dallas METRO plex.  She explained the show, “Dallas.”  I was not aware the Southfork Ranch is located in Plano, TX.  I was also not aware the Dallas Cowboys Stadium is located near the airport, plus a Disney Park.  So much to see, but the State is sooo big!!

The gals made me feel welcome and they are great ladies.  Thanks for the snacks and food.  #cc2010 #qnet

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fabulous Trans session

I attended my 2nd session called Train the Trainer-reaching Transgender inclusion for LGBT orgs.  The session was really awesome.  The presenters covered employment and Trans employees.  It also explained how organizations can try to be Trans inclusion by offering gender neutral restrooms, include Trans non discrimination  policies.  This session really got my mind spinning, since it taught me strategies to approach my employer to help implement Trans inclusion policies within the organization that I work for (Native Health).

The presenters gave a very good overview of various steps to take to make a workplace more Trans friendly.  The presenters were from Transgender Equality and the Gay and Lesbian Task Force.  #cc2010 #qnet

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