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Tips for how to get health promotion messages into LGBT blogs

By Scout
Network for LGBT Health Equity
A project of The Fenway Institute, Boston, MA
Reporting from Netroots Nation LGBT Pre-Conference, Minneapolis, MN

It's a packed room of bloggers and LGBT orgs at the Netroots LGBT Pre-Conf

We all have to build new skills

Remember just last year when many state dept of health folk were blocked from Facebook, Twitter and other social media? Well, perhaps because the feds have set a standard of using social media for their routine promotion work, we all now realize that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… all these are tools we will need to understand and use in order to ace health promotion work in this new era.

Well, despite the fact that you are reading this on a blog, don’t think we’re not as overwhelmed with all these new media as everyone else. We’re trying our hardest to learn how to use these new tools effectively. But boy it’s a lot.

Many of you know, lots of our LGBT print media has already gone out of business, some have switched to an all online format, some have just folded. This struggle is one of the reasons why the print media is really susceptible when folks like RJR Reynolds start pumping SNUS ads. Like happened in Minnesota, it’s often a real challenge to get the magazine or newspaper to refuse these ads in todays world. Face it, this is one of the main reasons why we have to struggle to raise awareness that we have health disparities like our crazy high smoking rate. It’s long past time for us to take some tips from major corporations and start being more savvy about how to get healthy messages integrated into LGBT media. But how do we do it with a fraction of their funding?

So, you know we’re at this Netroots LGBT Pre-Conf today… I’m listening avidly to all the many LGBT bloggers in the room. Let me share a bit of what I’ve learned about smart strategies for getting those healthy messages into LGBT online media.

First, what are the bigger LGBT blogs?

It’s a little hard to figure out exact readership, and some focus more on social versus serious messaging, but at least each of these LGBT blogs should be on our radar screens.

Tips for getting coverage in LGBT blogs

  1. Buy ads in them! Yes, the blogs are absolutely independent, but this is one way to start building a relationship which helps get your news noticed.
  2. Offer to write for a blog. One of the big ones, is actively seeking new contributors now, go on, sign up, one way to get health covered is to write the posts ourselves.
  3. Repost their stories on Twitter/FB, comment on the stories online, just start engaging with them.
  4. Make a short list of the editors of each of those blogs and send them press releases whenever you think somethink is news. Don’t worry if it’s not national, local is ok too. Pics help too.
  5. Give bloggers scoops or first rights to breaking news, this is one fast way to build a relationship.
  6. Write op-eds about health issues and submit them to blogs (customize them for each submission). See some of the op-eds we put up on the IOM report to see a sample of style.
  7. Did I mention buy ads on them? This seems to be a seriously underutilized strategy. Yet some of the blogs above get 40k views/day… that’s a lot of eyeballs we’d like to have reading our health messages, right?

Many of these strategies will work just as well for your local LGBT media as well. And many of them can be real smart strategies for health departments or hospitals to use as a way to demonstrate that your services are LGBT-friendly.

OK, now off I go to try to put some of these strategies into action!

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Gay American Indians Welcome Reception

The GAI organized a Welcome Reception for the Two Spirit Wellness Gathering and San Fran Pride.  It was great to be among other Native Americans that reside in the Bay Area.  The Host Committee offered a dinner, with the famous Commodity Cheese (common among Native Americans that reside on the reservation).  Randy Burns helped organized the event and the theme was 35th Anniversary 1975-2010 “Living Legacy.”  The GAI is one of the oldest Native GLBT Two Spirit  organizations.  The agenda included advocates from the Bay Area that work in the HIV field.  Another interesting speakers were:  a judge, a poet and some fun filled entertainment such as belly dancers and a Native American Drag Show.  It was good to mingle with attendees and make new friends, plus rekindle old friendships.  I was very impressed with the program, since some of the photos were taken from the 1070’s to current.  It is great to see how the Native American GLBT community has come, since the 1070’s.  There were some great Native American singing and dancing.  Everyone was geared up for the Two Spirit Wellness Gathering and individuals traveling for San Fran Pride were also happy to represent the Native American GLBT Community.  I was very impressed with how my experience was going so far.  I stepped out with colleagues from New Mexico and Los Angeles to walk the Castro District.  I was glad I brought my walking shoes, since it will put on some major miles.  Lovely weather compared to 109 degree heat.  Excited to share about Tobacco and some of the new laws that went into effect.  Stay tuned….

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Two Spirit Wellness Conference in San Fran.

Trudie Jackson

Looking forward to traveling to San Francisco on 06/24/10 for the Two Spirit Wellness Conference to speak on LGBT and Tobacco, and HIV/AIDS.  I was invited by Randy Burns and the Conference Committee to speak.   I received a call the other morning from Randy to give me an overview of the lineup that is in store for me such as:  Two Spirit Wellness Conference, Trans March, BBQ, and attend the San Francisco Pride.  This will be my 1st time attending Pride, in the national GLBT capital.   I never thought I would actually witness the San Fran Pride Parade with my own eyes.  As a Native American Transgender person wonderful things happening in my life = a young Native GLBT individual residing on the reservation would die to participate in.  This trip is for ALL the young Native GLBT individuals living on the reservation = sharing my experience and posting on my blog.  Please stay tuned to some exciting things in store from San Francisco.

Click here for more info:

In spirit,


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